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761456CAP3 by ITE Siemens

Refurbished or Surplus New, Fully Tested and Backed by a 1-year Warranty

Manufacturer: ITE Siemens
Catalog #: 761456CAP3
Type: CAP


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761456CAP3 Specs


Buying Refurbished

Circuit Breaker Service takes the testing of products very seriously, and we have made significant investments in our testing equipment to ensure that our customers receive the absolute best possible equipment at all times.

Buying New

Many products sold here at our shop are defined as New or Surplus New. Some products are no longer being produced by the manufacturer (considered obsolete) and cannot be purchased from their main distributors. But since we are able to buy the 761456CAP3 outside of the traditional distribution channels, we often locate obsolete products that are found to have not been energized. We put them through the same inpsections and testing as our used products and are able to offer them at a greater discount than most other ITE Siemens distributors.

All items purchased from Circuit Breaker Service, including this 761456CAP3, are backed by a solid one-year warranty. Whether it be new or reconditioned, the warranty remains the same. With our in-house testing capabilities, we can assure you the highest standard of quality on every item we ship.

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Warranty Info for this 761456CAP3

All of our circuit breaker accessorys are backed by a full one-year replacement warranty. Buy your 761456CAP3 new or refurbished with confidence - we guarantee the breaker to work as new.

What's in a warranty? While other dealers in the industry might offer a 12 month guarantee, beware. They just might be shipping the product out without doing any testing, knowing that some of their breakers are going to fail - it's just cheaper to do business that way. That's not just dangerous it's bad business, and we'd never put our customers at risk to save a few dollars. Some of our competitors don't have a $10MM insurance policy in place that allows them to stand behind their products, even in case of a disaster. If they claim they do, ask for a copy of the policy.

Don't be fooled, not all circuit breaker dealers are the same. We're one of the pioneers in this industry, having been around for more than two decades, and we've built our reputation around quality products and excellent customer service. The 761456CAP3 you receive from us will not only be covered by our standard 1-year warranty, it has been inspected, tested, and is in like-new condition. We guarantee it. Call Circuit Breaker Service and talk to a live technician for more info, or stop by our shop.

Need a New 761456CAP3?

If you prefer a new 761456CAP3 circuit breaker, please fill out our quote request form and a salesperson will contact you via your preferred method as soon as possible with pricing and delivery information. Please feel free to add any additional comments or questions that may assist us in fulfilling your quote.

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If you've found a better price elsewhere, give us a chance to match that price. Please fill out our price match request form and a salesperson will contact you via your preferred method as soon as possible with pricing and delivery information. Please be sure to include the information for the competitor and the price they quoted you for the 761456CAP3 and we'll do our best to meet or beat it.

Circuit Breaker Service sells new, surplus, used, and reconditioned products from various manufacturers, including ITE Siemens. We are not an authorized dealer for the ITE Siemens 761456CAP3. The ITE Siemens name, product lines, product names, and associated trademarks are the property of ITE Siemens and is in no way affiliated with Circuit Breaker Service.