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Air Circuit Breakers

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Air Circuit BreakersThat's why we're pleased to offer a full lineup of air circuit breakers, including General Electric, at competitive prices. Don't pay more than you have to! Browse our comprehensive online catalog to find the air breakers you need at a low price you'll appreciate. You can search our catalog by part number, product type, or manufacturer, as well as amps, poles, and voltage.
Make us your distributor for all air circuit breakers and save money on every purchase. Check out our extensive lineup of quality air circuit breakers, including GE, ITE, Westinghouse and more. We offer great deals on a wide variety of circuit breakers. No matter what brand you're looking for, you'll find the electrical component you need right here.

Some of the air breakers we have in stock
We have both manually and electrically operated breakers:

  • GENERAL ELECTRIC - AKR-6S-30H, AKRU-66D-30, AKRU-7D-30S, AKRU6D-30, AKR-10D-50, AKR-6D-50H, AKR-7D-100, AKR-6D-75

  • ITE - K-DON600, K-600S, K1600, K1600S, K-DON1600, K-3000, K-3000S, K-DON-4000S

  • WESTINGHOUSE - DSL206, DS206, DS416, DS420, DS632, DBL, DB50, DB75

General Electric, Westinghouse, and ITE New, Used and Obsolete Air Circuit Breakers
Shop online with us to find a complete line of air circuit breakers. Quality refurbished units are cost-effective and a reliable alternative to purchasing new electrical hardware. If you're interested in new breakers, browse our site and pick up ones at some of the lowest prices on the net. If you don't see what you are looking for, or need more information, please contact us or request a quote.

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